What can VAs do?


Appointment Setting

& Cold Calling

Insurance, Real Estate, Water Treatment, Cleaning Businesses, and similar industries.

Appointment Setting

& Cold Calling

Initiate calls to prospects and secure appointments for clients in insurance, real estate, water treatment, cleaning businesses, and related fields to boost sales and business growth.

  • Initiate outbound calls to potential clients or leads

  • Introduce products or services and generate interest

  • Generate and distribute emails, catalogs, and newsletters to subscribers

  • Qualify leads based on specific criteria

  • Schedule appointments with potential clients or leads


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Social Media Management

Create content, schedule posts, engage with the audience, analyze data, manage campaigns, track trends, run social ads, collaborate with influencers, build a community, and strategize hashtags.

  • Create visually appealing social media content

  • Handle scheduling of social media posts

  • Craft engaging captions for social media

  • Enhance social media engagement through likes, comments, and follows

  • Conduct thorough research on effective hashtags


Social Media Management

Efficiently manage your online presence by outsourcing social media platform maintenance and improvements across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves platforms such as Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Shopify and the like.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tasks: SEO optimization, content creation, email campaigns, social media management, PPC advertising, data analytics, audience targeting, lead generation, competitor analysis, and website optimization for business growth.

  • Set-up and manage social media ads and marketing

  • Implement and monitor A/B tests for ads and landing pages

  • Enhance social media videos with end screens and clickable links

  • Arrange and handle ClickFunnel page setup and management

Our VAs are based in the Philippines, bringing you the advantage of their skilled expertise and cost-effective solutions.

Harness the talent and dedication of our Philippine-based team to enhance your business operations.

Reach out to us for packages that suit you and your team!

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